Some Advantages of Hotel Rentals

A hotel can be an ideal accommodation option whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure. But before you decide to book a hotel room, there are some details you should know. In this post, we’ll walk you through the advantages and disadvantages of renting a hotel room for your next trip.

It’s cheaper than owning one! Instead of purchasing furniture, décor, and other necessities in your new home, think about all that money going towards rent instead.

Taking advantage of company-sponsored room rates means enjoying amenities other than the space you’re staying in. Sometimes this doesn’t include the service you’re expecting, but hotels are a great place to take advantage of amenities such as:

Free breakfast and lunch

Brunch and dinner buffets

Free gym and pool access

One-day spa treatments at the hotel spa facility(s) near your location. The list goes on. (For more, check out my post on hotel perks.) With some research, you can find out what amenities a room in your desired hotel offers and see if they are worth looking into when booking your accommodations.


When it comes to destination weddings or honeymoons, renting a hotel room means everything is taken care of. You won’t have to worry about planning for everything from flowers to catering. Your wedding planner or travel agent will make arrangements with the right vendors, so there’s never any stress involved when planning your day.

Additionally, Pet friendly hotels edwards is an excellent option if you have furry guests. Mental Health Resources are available to help pet owners or those in the process of getting assistance with over 21 types of mental illness. If a hotel doesn’t allow pets as advertised, call the hotel and request to see their pet policy before you book your room.


If you want to take advantage of the perks of hotel rentals, look into the ones listed above. Before booking a room, whether it’s your first or tenth one, check out my post on perks to decide if there are any amenities you wish to request. If you’re already renting a room and want to find out how much more you’re paying than if you had purchased your furniture, check out my post on calculating hotel prices.