What Services Do Counselling Centre Provide?

Counselling centres provide a safe, respectful and confidential environment for people with any mental health or emotional problem. They focus on the person’s well-being and promote recovery by addressing the issues that may be interfering with an individual’s ability to function. counselling centre calgary offer supportive counselling and psychotherapy to help clients live their lives more effectively. They are committed to helping clients strengthen their coping skills and achieve greater self-awareness. Here are some services offered:

Help with individual and family counselling

  1. a) Individual counselling – this is where the counsellor provides advice to the client regarding his personal problems. The person learns to problem-solve his issues and develop strategies to overcome them. The counsellor takes a supportive, non-judgmental stance, helping the client identify and understand his core issues. This process encourages healthy living skills and self-confidence.
  2. b) Family counselling – family counselling is for both parents and children of all ages. Parents often consult counsellors when they feel that the behavior of their children is disturbing. The counsellor then provides advice on ways to deal with such behavior.


Crisis management

This service is designed to help people who may feel suicidal or are having thoughts of self-harm. Counselling centres also help people who may feel overwhelmed by personal problems and need support to face them. Some crisis centres focus on counselling women who have been beaten by their husbands or partners, and to those threatened by domestic violence and rape victims.

Bereavement support

Counselling centres do not provide grief counselling but they help clients address their grief-related issues. They also provide support to individuals who are grieving over the death of a loved one and to those who want to come to terms with the death of a loved one.

Anger management

People who have problems with anger often visit counselling centres for help. Anger is a natural and healthy emotion, but it can be destructive when people take out their irrational feelings on others or themselves. Counseling centres work with individuals to help them deal with such feelings and behaviours.

Stress management

Sometimes clients have problems dealing with stress, leading to anxiety or depression. Counselling centres help people deal effectively with everyday stressors by improving their problem-solving skills and by encouraging problem-solving methods.

Addictions counselling

People who are addicted to drugs or alcohol seek help from counselling centres, as well as those who wish to overcome addictions in general. A counsellor helps clients to recognize and acknowledge the problem, develop a plan of action and implement it.

Life coaching

People often consult counsellors when they want to know how they can improve their lifestyle. Some individuals are referred by specialists or professionals to life coaches, who guide and advise them in improving their health and well-being.