Hi there – we’re sorry about starting the conversation with something of a downer like covid and all that it entails, but its a real thing affecting everyone in the world, including those who are ready to meet someone and to start dating.

It can only be avoided at our peril, and that doesn’t mean that we can’t meet new people it just means that we all need to be sensible and to exercise some caution and restraint. We will have a full guide coming soon, but just to touch on some basics, here are some of the things that we recommend –

  1. dating just got old-fashioned again – the way we see it, covid has changed the game, and instead of rushing into getting physical, it gives everyone an opportunity to slow things down, and to get to know each other a little more. Why not spend time talking on the phone, on skype or zoom and meet a few times without touching. It sure will be different.
  2. adhere to the guidelines – this includes things like wearing facemasks when appropriate, following the government’s guidelines, and of course washing your hands regularly.
  3. being respectful to those that you’re meeting –   if you’re showing symptoms, however mild stay home.