Don’t buy a used car thinking you will suddenly be able to make your payments with no problem. Find it just perfectly, and drive around without worry. If there are any major problems with the vehicle that is not visible from the outside, it is likely that something else is going on, and this may not even be a good idea for someone who is just after transportation.


There are some cars that are better suited for certain people than others (many people believe this includes buying a used Subaru), so think about what you need out of your car! You may want to consider the engine size if you don’t know what type of car suits you best.


Don’t buy from a private seller unless you have seen the car in person and also have a mechanic check it out.  If any repairs are needed, you will most likely be responsible for paying for them. You should not buy from a private seller without having an idea of what repairs may be needed.

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Don’t go alone to look at a car or take someone who is not well-versed in mechanics with you. If your spouse or child offers to tag along, make sure that they know about the value of looking under the hood, checking for rust, and anything else that might indicate that this car might need some extra attention before being purchased.


Don’t buy a car that has been in an accident unless you are getting a great deal, as it may be more expensive to fix than the car is worth. If you really want a car with a little damage and can get it for cheap, bring along someone who knows about cars to look at it first. 


Don’t buy until you know how much the car is worth. What are similar cars selling for on Craigslist, Ebay, or elsewhere? You can also see what Kelley Blue Book says the vehicle is worth. This will help you to reasonably set your offer and not overpay for a car.


In conclusion, you want to make sure that you get a good deal on the car and don’t end up in a situation where you owe more than what it is actually worth. Never hesitate to take your time when buying used cars fresno and do your research before making an offer on the vehicle.